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Concrete Eden presents their new video „Communication Fails“, taken from their latest Album „LEFT“

The clip was shot by the band themself and directed by frontman, rapper and singer Mike. Bass-player Erwin slips into the role of a crazy professor, who created an artificial intelligence. Usually for the Band: The lyrics are social-critical and puts the world a anger fist in the face. A hard piece of Nu Metal and Hardcore with a slope to social- and critism to the system and politics


Dear Visitors of Garden Eden

We are Happy to announce to you the upcoming release of our new single „Gone To Far“. in Partnership with our new Label NRT-Records, we decided to bring this track, which is our first video out. This release marks the cooperation with german independent label NRT-Records. To give you a appetizer for our upcoming album „LEFT“, which will be release in January 2018, we decided to pick this track and round the release up with the adding of two remastered songs from our self-released 2005 Album „Metropolis in the year 2006“

The artwork was made by our labelboss Philipp Gottfried himself. He realized a great coverartwork based on our wishes and ideas. We are excited about the cooperation with nrt-records and hope you’ll like gone to far. We also hope you will enjoy our first label-release „LEFT“ which will be out on January the 19th.

Keep that beat on!